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Up close with the Founder of FAZ Perfume, Mr Fazli Talip

FAZ PERFUME is a locally based business started by it’s founder, Mr Fazli Bin Talip who has been involved with other businesses as well for many years. 

Another popular brand that he had founded too was ‘MR KEREPEK’ which was very well received by the local HALAL market and the community at large where he deals with different flavours and assortments of cassava crackers and kerepeks. 

Recognising that the community demands more products like perfumeries and other grooming products, Mr Fazli Talip decided to introduce FAZ, an uptrend brand that offers quality and upscaled fragrances that targets the higher niche of the community that not only recognises the quality of the products but can also afford a slightly pricey range of perfume products and fragrances that suit their needs.

FAZ Range of 3 Perfumes in his Collection

They are known as Executive, Alexis and Pleasant with each having their own distinct aroma and scent to cater to each individual's needs and demands.

‘Executive’ offers a refreshing accord made from notes such as Grapefruit, the scent of the sea, Bayleaf, Jasmine and Patchouli.

Alexis’ offers an intense floral fragrance from an accord of scents, created to fascinate the senses of those around the wearer. Made from alluring notessuch as Peony, Freesia, Litchi, Rose, Magnolia, Amber and Cedar.

‘Pleasant’ on the other hand offers a dreamy fragrance merely made to bring the wearer on a sensuous journey by invoking a time of serenity to it. Made from simple combination of Peony, Lilies, Jasmine and Bale Rose. 

Get your hands on these fragrances by FAZ and layback, let the fragrances waft through and transport you to a soothing oasis amid all the hustle and bustle of every life.

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